May 21, 2009

fraudulent papers in a fraudulent conference (sponsored by IEEE)

Our organization has just found a new post

seems to be correct.

Please take careful note of the information below
about this IEEE Computational Complexity conference that was a fraudulent conference

It is one more IEEE conference that accepted 2 bogus papers

The organizers are academic criminals. Do NOT send these criminals any money.Please send this warning on to your networks.

Many young people have been defrauded lately - and we must work together to defeat such efforts.

Use extreme caution when applying for conferences advertised by organizations unknown to you.What a Shame for the IEEE Computational Complexity Conference! two new bogus papers have been accepted in the
BOGUS PAPER 1: Extractors for varieties ??????????by Zeev Dvir !!!and
BOGUS PAPER 2: Extractors for Low-Weight Affine Sources ??????? byAnup Rao

The papers are absolutely fake papers and the organizers built a fraudulent conference!
What a Shame for the fraudulent IEEE Computational Complexity Conference!

1 comment:

  1. I wonder that how the most learned people are facing the accusations of being fraudulent. Why do not they try to be honest in whatever they do?