July 05, 2012



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  1. Some of the publications from the Clute Institute seem rather dubious too. A new blog focuses on research within business and economics publications that have remarkable similarities to earlier published works. The first two postings on the blog demonstrate that two articles in a single issue one Clute Institute Journal, the International Business & Economics Research Journal (published in July 2012) that contain wording that is largely the same as earlier published sources by other authors. See http://wordforword22.blogspot.com

    The International Business & Economics Research Journal is one of a number of journals published by the Clute Institute. This “Institute” was founded by a former accounting professor, Ron Clute. Various fees apply to papers: a $60 “six week standard review” fee or a $150 “3 week expedited review” fee. Publication fees also apply based on page length: 1-5 pages for $250; 6 to 10 pages for $450; 11 to 15 pages for $650; and $850 for 16 to 20 pages (see http://www.cluteinstitute.com/payments.html).