June 15, 2011

A misleading email advertisement of the fake (bogus) WESSEX INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. They advertise all their papers free, but in vain,

A misleading email advertisement of the fake (bogus) WESSEX INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. They advertise that they offer now in their electronic library all the PDFs of the papers free, but this is a big lie! It is a trick!
You have to make a registration in their web site
You must give them, your email address!

If you give them your email address ,you will receive unsolicited email on a daily base (very much SPAM for their junk conferences everyday) without any free PDF (they demand 30 Pounds for every PDF).
This is a terrific fraud, big scam.
By googling them as FAKE WESSEX INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, I found also
They accepted 4 junk papers from a University in Austria

This is the advertisement of the bogus WESSEX INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.
Attention: This is a trick to take your email address for further spamming!

Open Access to All Conference Papers

The Wessex Institute of Technology, in its efforts to disseminate the research papers presented at WIT Conferences, has arranged with WIT Press to allow free access and downloads of all papers published from 1993 to the end of 2009.

The Open Access facilities will start immediately and will enable colleagues from all over the world to download papers from the renowned WIT eLibrary http://library.witpress.com.

2nd Case: IEEE has accepted the unreliability and bogusity of its conferences.

The reliable Blog: http://iaria-highsci.blogspot.com reported a very big IEEE black hole (Hole of Junk Publications. Hole that you can send your Bogus/Fake papers.

Super FAKE IEEE Multiconference, The Absolute Bogus Event of IEEE
Our site discovers a new super-fake IEEE super-bogus event.
See the call for paper and admire how the IEEE accepts these bogus events:


Do not worry if IEEE removes the link.
See this image

Our conclusion: Many Fake IEEE bogus conferences together compose the absolute junk conference.